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Pro Surfer Tom Curren Releases EP at Village Party

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

As if catching a wave wasn’t hard enough, pro surfer Tom Curren has decided to tackle another career: Being a singer/songwriter. Since the late 1970’s, Tom took on some of the world’s fiercest surf competitors and came out on top. Over the course of his career, he has been world champion 3 times and won more than 25 events worldwide. After retiring from the game in the mid nineties, Curren re-explored one of his passions and picked up his guitar again. He is also a skilled writer and has played drums and bass in the past, so taking the road towards professional musician was an easy transition. The Village was pleased to be his recording home for a few months, in addition to hosting his EP release party in our Auditorium. The title track “Summerland Road” has gained loads of attention since it’s debut and the EP is available now via itunes: Check out this video of the party at The Village!

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