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recording history

Odessa, "A Moment Apart" LP, 2017.

Jimmy Jam.jpg

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, producers on Janet Jackson's "Damita Jo", 2002 - 2004.

Credit: Janet Jackson World

Janet Jackon's "Damita Jo"

"Recorded over eighteen months, it was the longest Jackson spent on a project. Jackson sought to find producers who identified with her emotions, intending "hard-hitting dance music". Producers declared it "a really sexy record" which was bold, fun, and positive. Multiple personae portrayed include the obstinate "Damita Jo" and lascivious "Strawberry".


Jackson stated they were "another way to express and expose a deeper part of me", comparing her writing process to that of a novelist; inventing characters with independent personalities. Jackson claimed the aforementioned characters "absolutely" live inside of her, stating it "feels wonderful" to release them."

Country Music Artist

Lady Gaga Reveals Her Inspiration For "The Fame: Monster" with iHeartRadio, 2010.


Photo Credit: Unknown

Anthony Hopkins, 2019.

Image by Austin Neill

Nelly & The Secret History Behind "Hot In Herre" with Fader, 2017.

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