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Matt Dyson

Recording Engineer

​Matt Dyson is a senior engineer at Village Studios in Los Angeles, CA. He climbed through the ranks there and learned how to properly run a session by assisting engineering legends such as Niko Bolas, Ed Cherney, Alan Parsons, and more. He engineered for producers like Larry Klein, David Foster, John Hill, Ryan Lewis and learned from their approaches towards working with artists and musicians.

Most recently he has been an engineer on several high profile projects including Kesha’s latest record “High Road”, and the 2nd season of Showtime’s show “Kidding”.

Lately he has been mixing projects, tracking scores for tv/film, while still managing to produce and record independent artists outside of major sessions at the Village. If not in the studio, he can be found spending time with his beautiful wife Katherine, and perfect little daughters, Joey Rae and Layla.

Matt Dyson
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