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Nick Hodges

Recording Engineer

Nick Hodges is an engineer at The Village Studios hailing from the often-overlooked music capital of Chicago, Illinois. Having grown up in a household where music was never turned off, Nick got an early start regularly performing on stage and later, behind the proverbial glass.

In the studio, Nick upholds the lifelong gift of working with notable rule-breakers and storytellers by lending a hand in the process of getting sounds out of their heads and onto your turntables…, or phones. Whether he’s spearheading uninterrupted multi-studio sessions or jumping in to help drive our owner to his favorite auto body shop, Nick doesn’t shy away from giving his all to the needs of others.

Outside of The Village, Nick can be found working tirelessly as guitarist in his band, Soviet Jesus Choir, while also recording and performing with a growing list of artists and producers.

Nick Hodges
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