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Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa Worked it in December @ The Village

Beth Hart

Beth Hart

After winning the grand prize on Star Search in 1993, Beth Hart’s career began to take flight. She went on to be the lead in an off Broadway musical, record with icons like Les Paul and Slash and more importantly, earn the respect of the great blues/rockers that came before her.

Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa has also had his fair share of notoriety, opening for BB King at the age of 12 and later founding the group Bloodline with Berry Oakley, Erin Davis, and Waylon Krieger. This December, Hart and Bonamassa teamed up with famed engineer Kevin Shirley in Studio D.

Images: Beth Hart pic by Bamble kommune @ Wikimedia commons (2012) Joe Bonamassa’s pic by Scortiaus at en.wikipedia (2012)

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