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Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound

Phil Spector was one of the most prolific musician/songwriter/producers of his time and over the years, he has had an extremely memorable career. From The Ronettes and Ben E. King to The Beatles and Bob Dylan, Spector has worked with the best in the biz and all the while, pioneered the way music was created and heard. His signature technique, the “Wall of Sound”, is based on the idea of doubling and tripling the amount of players on a melody line to amplify fullness, and it had never been done before Spector innovated it. HBO Films has been in production for an original movie starring Al Pacino about the infamous Spector murder trials, and their team was in Studio A this March working on the soundtrack. The session was built around a source connect to Bratislava (the capitol of Slovakia) where an orchestra was waiting, ready to sync with the picture. Chris Fogel engineered on the project with assistant Vanessa Parr.

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