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ROLI Seaboard RISE At The Village

Updated: May 31, 2020

On Monday, November 16th, The Village held an event hosted by ROLI, in conjunction with Berklee College of Music. The event was a stimulating introduction to ROLI’s most recent release, the Seaboard RISE. Building off of the groundbreaking technology developed for the Seaboard GRAND, the Seaboard RISE keyboard controller delivers a unique real-time expression with five dimensions of touch (including Y-axis modulation by sliding your fingers vertically on the keywaves), new MIDI-assignable touch faders and X/Y pad, MIDI over Bluetooth, and more. The battery-powered keyboard is extremely portable (it’s less than an inch thick), and comes bundled with Equator for RISE, a custom-built multi-platform software synth made for incredible real-time modulation and sound design.

The event featured performances from ROLI Specialists, Eren Başbuğ and Marco Parisi (of HEYMEN), drinks, and a panel discussion featuring Seaboardists Lisa Harriton (Grammy & Oscar-nominated songwriter, keyboardist, sound designer), Ian Hultquist (film composer, sound designer), Xander Singh (songwriter, producer, sound designer), and Mike Knobloch (President of Film Music and Publishing at Universal Pictures). ROLI founder and CEO, Roland Lamb, walked us through the development of these amazing instruments, and also conducted the panel discussion. The event even included interactive stations where attendees could try out the keyboard themselves. The Moroccan Ballroom was filled with a diverse crowd of accomplished artists, producers, composers and many others, with the fun lasting late into the evening.

Thanks to our friends over at ROLI, we now have the revolutionary Seaboard RISE here at The Village! It’s an outstanding addition to our inventory, and will certainly be shaking up some sessions.

See the RISE in action here.

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